A patient care technician is an important job in the medical profession. A technician will provide help to patients in hospitals, doctor’s offices and nursing homes. A nurse or doctor normally supervises the technician; however, the individual will spend the most time with patients.

A patient care technician will check blood pressure, heart rate and pulse. She will also check temperature. A technician will help the doctor perform a physical exam and change bedding. Some technicians will help patients bathe, shave or change clothes. If walking is needed, a technician will help the patient walk down the hall.

A patient care technician will monitor food intake and help make sure the patient receives meals on time. If any changes occur, a technician will need to mark it on the chart. If a patient is confined to bed, a technician will make sure bedsores or skin problems are forbidden.

A technician will make sure that patients receive medications needed, and they make sure the room is properly sterilized. They do the laundry, and they may need to take blood or stool samples. If a patient needs assistance, the technician will answer the call.

If a patient requires X-rays, the technician will accompany him to the room by pushing the wheelchair. The profession also requires that individuals deliver supplies to the rooms.

Patient care technician professional classes will teach a technician how to read electrocardiograms and other types of training needed perform job duties. A tech might be asked to help dialysis patients, so additional training will be needed.

In order to be a patient care technician, a person will need to attend patient care technician classes. A high school degree or a GED is also needed. Certification is required in most states, so individuals need to receive proper classes to obtain certification. Classes are mostly available at trade or technical schools.

A patient care technician has the opportunity to make a difference in the life of a patient. The pay can be high, and technician jobs are in high demand. It is a good professional opportunity, so people interested need to take patient care technician classes, so they can enjoy the benefits that come with being a technician. Patient care technician is a great career for someone who is compassionate, kind and likes helping people.