Ultrasound technicians help doctors diagnose or rule out health problems. Most ultrasound technicians are also called diagnostic medical sonographers. Ultrasound is a non-invasive imaging technique that records highly detailed pictures of internal human structures. Salaries may vary dependent upon circumstances, however, PayScale.com indicates that California and New York lead in annual salaries as of January 2011.

The ultrasound technician average salary for Los Angeles, California ranges from $55,329 to $77,166. The job market looks extremely lucrative for this industry, with salaries rising from 14 percent to 19 percent into 2018. This figure comes from the Board of Labor Statistics. The Board also believes the number of job openings vs. suitable candidates for those jobs is about equal. Experience in magnetic resonance imaging and other technologies increase the earning potential. Learning new skills is of utmost importance with facilities and manufacturers of equipment providing many opportunities.  There are great options available for ultrasound technician schools California.

Today’s sonographers have many opportunities to specialize. With the baby boomers turning to senior citizens in records numbers, geriatric experience can be vitally important in landing a position in the geriatric specialties. Just as important, at this time, is pediatric care experience. The incidence of children using sonographer services has increased as well.

The specific criteria that is requested by hiring facilities, other than your accredited education include: Registration in the American Registry of Diagnostic Sonographers, knowledge of and familiarity with JCAHO accredited standards, excellent communication skills, well developed organizational skills, critical thinking abilities and the ability to respond to high pressure situations or circumstances.

When looking for positions, keep in mind that the ultrasound technician average salary can be quite a bit higher, based on experience. Those who can fluently speak a foreign language, in addition to English, are highly sought after.

Location is important. Ultrasound technician average salaries around the country vary greatly, Georgia paying $31,000 – $46,000, as compared to the ultrasound technician average salary of $55,329 to $77,166 in Los Angeles, California.

The Board of Labor Statistics indicates that general medical and surgical hospitals are the largest facilities hiring sonographers. Although they hire more, the pay is less than specialty facilities, but several thousand dollars more than diagnostics laboratories.

All in all, the future is very bright for students and those already working in the field of ultrasound technologies.


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