To become a patient care technician, a specific personality is necessary. One must have the willingness to help people perform duties that they would otherwise be unable to perform. Such tasks may include helping people to bathe, eat, use the restroom and perform daily hygienic tasks. This person may also perform tasks such as refilling water, delivering foods, collecting urine specimens, and measuring the height and weight of patients. Additionally, a patient care technician must provide moral support to people who need a shoulder to lean on or a friend to listen. This person must have a warm heart and the ability to care for many people at once.

One must become a certified nursing assistant (CNA) before he or she can act as a patient care technician. Many facilities provide the training necessary to gain such certification. During CNA training, the individual will learn the basics of caring for other people, such as stress management, nonverbal communications, grooming, bathing and dressing actions. The course necessary for CNA training can vary from several weeks to several months in length. After the training, the person will have to take a national certification exam to become a certified nursing assistant.

Specialized patient care training is also available for those who want to become patient care technicians. In patient care technician programs, one will learn how to take vital signs, conduct CPR, and administer first aid. A typical patient care technician training program is approximately 360 hours long. The tuition for such a course is approximately $3,500. Some government entities may help someone to obtain this training so that he or she may have a rewarding career.

After learning all one can learn from the patient care technician programs, the individual will have to pass another exam to qualify for patient care technician certification. The test is approximately two hours long, and it gauges a person’s ability. When the person passes the course, he or she will be ready for employment.

Acquiring a job requires completing patient care technician training, obtaining patient care technician certification, and then searching in the right places. Some jobs may be available immediately after graduation and certification, while other jobs may take a while.

A patient care technician’s salary varies based upon his or her experience, the location, and the shift. One who enters this field can expect to earn an hourly rate of $8.68 to $16.91. The job outlook for this position is excellent. Thousands of care facilities are searching for the people to fill these very important spots so they can help people.