Nursing assistants take care of patients in hospitals, retirement facilities and private homes. To learn the best way to provide care, you must complete nursing assistant training. In addition, you must also take a test and become certified. Nursing assistant programs teach you how to pass the certification test by giving you hands-on experience for assisting patients.

One of the most important things you can do as a nursing assistant is respecting your patients’ dignity. You will be helping them with getting dressed, practicing personal hygiene and visiting the bathroom. To earn your nursing assistant certification, you must learn to make your patients comfortable during these tasks. Your training program will help you practice specific strategies to show respect to patients. For example, you will learn to ask patients for permission before touching them, address patients appropriately and avoid acting disgusted or embarrassed during personal hygiene tasks.

Because you’ll be working directly with patients, you must learn tactics to avoid transmitting infectious diseases. Nursing assistant programs will teach you the basics of providing sanitary assistance. For example, you’ll learn to wash your hands for at least thirty seconds before touching a patient. Your program will give you practical advice, such as singing the Happy Birthday song or reciting a rhyme to ensure you are scrubbing for the correct length of time.

Your nursing assistant training will teach you how to lift patients safely. You may need to lift patients from a bed to a wheelchair, act as a support for patients who have trouble walking or help patients roll over in bed. Not learning proper lifting techniques can endanger your health as well as your patients’. Classes will teach you how to lift with your legs, not your back, because your legs are the strongest part of your body. You will also learn to not twist your back when lifting a patient, as well as how to use a support belt to help patients walk.

To earn your nursing assistant certification, you must show that you understand patient rights. Remember that all patients have the right to decide what level of help they receive. Your patients may want to feed themselves or use the restroom on their own, even if these activities take a long time. Keep in mind that you are legally bound to respect your patients’ rights at all times.

Good nursing assistants have a wide variety of skills. If you pay attention during training, you will learn many practical strategies for taking care of patients. Always remember that your patients may be frightened, and treat them the way you would want to be treated!