California is the largest employer of professional medical billers and coders in the country. Salary is affected by various factors. Location is one example. A Carson medical biller and coder benefits lucratively from its metropolitan area status affected by its proximity to Los Angeles, its socioeconomic state, and its population.

The latest figures reveal that the average salary for Carson medical billers and coders is $40,030. This translates into an average of $19.25 per hour. Of course, there is a lower 10% averaging $25,090. per year, and a top 10% averaging $60,730. per year. There are several factors that would affect the rate of pay. Medical specialty is one example. If a medical billing and coding professional specializes in a specific medical area with its own unique terminology, for example, neurology, then the earnings will normally be greater than one who does not specialize.

The earnings history for medical billing and coding specialists has been very substantial, increasing an average of 11% per year. Medical billers and coders continue to enjoy the acceleration that still continues in this line of work. The compensation trend is upwards. There is no doubt that it is a growing profession, and well compensated. In California,the salaries offered are about 11% higher than the salaries nationwide. Carson medical personnel in this field find themselves in an interesting career with financial benefit.
In performing a job search it was discovered that one temporary staffing agency posted a medical billing and coding position offering a per hour wage of $15. to $19. per hour. That would translate into $31,200. to $39,520. per year. That, of course, was for temporary work. Coincidentally enough, a permanent job posting from the web also specified full-time work for a Carson medical biller and coder, and the salary offer was also that of $15. to $19. per hour. It is gratifying to see that the job postings are in keeping with the figures provided by the Department of Labor.
Carson medical billers and coders are certainly in one of the best cities in the country to perform this kind of work and be paid accordingly.

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