Health care is one of the most dynamic and fastest-growing job fields in today’s economy. For many the initial step into the field is to become a medical assistant. While a medical assistant job itself can be very rewarding, for many people it is viewed as a stepping stone to becoming a registered nurse. While medical assistants and registered nurses do many similar tasks, nurses are ultimately able to assume more responsibility and achieve higher earnings due to their ability to specialize in a particular area such as neonatal or critical care. Medical assistants who wish to become registered nurses will need a combination of additional education and experience to see their goals realized.

For those health care workers who are medical assistants California offers many opportunities to become registered nurses. Many medical assistants gain their initial training by obtaining diplomas through vocational schools, completing programs that last less than one year. Most medical assistants choose to get a diploma rather than an Associate’s Degree. However, for those who plan to become a registered nurse, the training they get as a medical assistant will help them greatly in becoming a successful Registered Nurse.

For someone who is already a medical assistant California offers many college programs to become a registered nurse. The quickest way for a medical assistant to become a registered nurse is to complete an Associate degree at a community college. Because medical assistants are trained in basic tasks as taking vital signs, phlebotomy, lab work and others their training is similar to that of nurses. However, they also can do administrative tasks such as billing, coding, setting appointments and calling in prescriptions to pharmacies.

Because some training may overlap, a medical assistant who has some work experience may be eligible for better positions than . Due to specializations in nursing and advanced training required to perform tests and operate equipment, students should plan on studying for two more years after their medical assistant program. Clinical experiences will be required in hospitals and other specialized facilities.

Medical assistants who desire to become registered nurses have a great start toward their goal, but should also realize that there is still much studying and field experience if you want to become a registered nurse.