So you’re interested in making a bright career in the medical field, but don’t know where to start. Well, there is no denying that a medical industry is a bright field that is growing faster and provides some of the best-paying jobs in the nation. It is one single industry where the percentage of jobs growth stands out even in the broader economy.

And yes there are tons of great opportunities to consider in the health care industry. Let me just clear that here by tons of opportunities I am not just talking about much-known profiles such as doctors, nurses, Para-medical professionals, and clinicians. But, there are many other options one can consider to begin a successful career in the healthcare industry. Medical Assistant is one such impressive career choice for all those students who really want to go into medicine.

 Medical Assistant as a Career

There are many people who get confused between the physician assistant and medical assistants. It is important to understand that medical assistant is an entirely different profession associated with manning the desks, filling out forms, maintenance of patient paperwork, preparing the patient for a medical test, examining and reporting the vital signs of patients, and other such jobs.

Being a medical assistant is an important role in any hospitals, clinics, and health care foundations. They are responsible for tasks associated with administrative, front office and clinical. Besides these tasks, they are responsible for providing assistance to the doctor. Also, they need to perform general check-ups and expected to give necessary information to visitors and patients about every possible operational procedure of the hospital.

In short, medical assistants are in high demand for address the need for prompt and better medical service. Below is the list of different job descriptions for medical assistant:

  • Front Office Medical Assistant: There is no denying that it is an important role in any healthcare foundation. The part of the medical office assistant’s job is to take care of the busy front desk of the clinic and to perform duties like answering external and internal phone calls, managing patient’s appointments, giving registration forms to the patients.
  • Administrative Medical Assistant: Such kind of profile involves a majority of administrative activities such as registration and maintenance of medical records and documents, taking care of financial records, performing accounting tasks, maintaining records of purchased equipment as well as other medical supplies, processing medical insurance claims, and more.
  • Clinical Medical Assistant: As the name suggests itself, this is quite different from the administrative work. In such profiles, the medical assistants in Paramount, Los Angeles are responsible for clinical activities such as the blood donations, changing dressings, handling the work in the medical labs, getting daily observations of the patient’s health, collecting the samples of patients and sending them for diagnosis.

Now, the million dollar question is: How to become a certified Medical Assistant? Well, to kick-start your career as a medical assistant in California, you need to obtain a certification along with a technical course certificate. Generally, a majority of healthcare set-ups prefer the medical assistants having an Associate of Applied Science degree from any college holding the accreditation of CAAHEP (Commission on Accreditation of Allied Health Education Programs). You can also consider Infotech Career College for the hands-on training for Medical Assistant Administrative and Clinical Certificate Program. For students living in nearby cities like Bellflower, Paramount, Lynwood, South Gate, Compton, Carson, Cerritos, Norwalk and Pico Rivera, it is among the finest Medical Assistant School to get a certification from.  Choose your college wisely.