Although there are a variety of vocational paths an individual could take to attain personal and professional satisfaction, opting to become a medical assistant can bring with it unique advantages. This is the case for several reasons, including the fact that there are opportunities for career advancement. If you are interested in becoming a medical assistant, you should gain basic information regarding the field such as expected job outlook and the average salary. By reviewing the data listed below, you can gain the knowledge you need to determine whether this is the right career path for you.

Medical Assistants -The Basics

Although broadly defined, a medical assistant is basically an individual who completes clinical and administrative tasks in the office of a chiropractor, podiatrist, physician, or other type of health practitioner. Although the roles and responsibilities of a medical assistant will vary based on factors such as specialty, size, and location of practice, there are a variety of duties that almost all medical assistants will be required to complete. Some of them include:

• Reporting to practice administrator or clinical coordinator
• Performing procedures under the supervision of a physician assistant or physician
• Assisting physician assistant and physician when they work in the exam room
• Escorting the patients to exam rooms
• Interviewing patients
• Measuring vital signs, including weight, pulse, temperature, blood pressure, and documenting important information in a patient’s chart
• Providing patients with instructions that come from the physician assistant or physician
• Ensuring that all related information, labs, and reports are available in a patients’ medical records before their appointment

Job Outlook For Medical Assistants

In discussing the job outlook for medical assistants, the Bureau of Labor Statistics reports that their employment is expected to grow 29% between the years of 2012-2022. This rate is much faster than the national average for all vocations. According to the Bureau, the demand for preventive medical services for aging baby-boomers will continue to generate demand for medical assistants. When their practices undergo expansion, physicians will begin hiring more medical assistants to handle routine clinical and administrative duties. This will enable physicians to take on more patients.

Medical Assistants – Salary

In addition to understanding the job outlook for medical assistants, individuals who are interested in pursuing a career in this field should understand what type of salary they can expect to earn. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the average salary for a medical assistant in 2012 was $29,370 per year (or $14.12 per hour).

If you are thinking about pursuing a career as a medical assistant, you should know that doing so can afford you a variety of wonderful personal and professional opportunities. By reviewing the information listed above, you can make an informed decision regarding whether this vocational path is right for you.