Patient care technicians work in various health care environments. Patient care technicians are usually part of the nursing staff in the inpatient setting. In some settings, these employees are called nursing assistants or nursing aides. In the mental health field they may be known as psychiatric assistants, mental health assistants or behavioral technicians. Regardless of the setting, there are certain duties that are common to all patient care personnel at this level. These include assisting patients with bathing and dressing, helping with mobility, feeding patients when needed, monitoring vital signs such as blood pressure, respiration and temperature and documenting events, problems or progress in patients’ charts.

In a competitive employment environment, patient care technicians need to put together good resumes that outline education, experience and other important qualities that will set the applicant apart from other candidates. A patient care technician resume Carson, CA should be organized so that information is clear and easy to follow. The following is a template for a patient care technician resume. Each category or component of the patient care technician resume is listed with some tips on what should be included.

Objective: This should indicate the job in which the applicant is interested. For example, “seeking a position as a patient care technician in a long-term care facility” describes the objective.

Experience: In the experience section, include the current or last place of employment, location and dates of employment, followed by duties. Follow with past places of employment beginning with the most recent. This is the time to emphasize those special qualities that get potential employees to take notice. For example if a patient care technician was chosen to train newly employed patient care technicians, this should be included as it shows that the employee demonstrated a level of knowledge and professionalism that impressed his or her supervisors.

Education: Include schools attended and credentials earned, whether certificates, degrees or diplomas. If a high grade point average was attained, include that information.

Other Information: This is an optional section, but is a place where awards, special recognitions, certifications and any other pertinent information that will enhance the resume may be included.

References: Generally, all that is needed here is the statement “References are available upon request,” however if references are to be listed, the applicant should include complete contact information and make sure that the persons listed as references are willing to provide good recommendations. Nothing is more surprising to a former employer than to be listed as a reference for an employee who was not less than exceptional at his or her job.

The individual who decides to write a patient care technician resume Carson, CA, must remember that the competition is keen in this location. This is why it is important to pay attention to highlighting details such professional experience, on-the-job training and education.