Deciding to become a vocational nurse in Los Angeles is an excellent decision to make. After all educational requirements have been met and the appropriate license has been obtained, a person who becomes a vocational nurse will likely find he or she has entered into an exciting and rewarding career.

Vocational nurses are most commonly referred to as LVN’s. These types of nurses always work under the direction of a physician, or in some instances, LVN’s work under the supervision of registered nurses. Before a person can become a vocational nurse, he or she will have to meet certain educational requirements as well as obtain the appropriate license.

The courses that have to be taken to become a vocational nurse can usually be completed within 12 months within nursing vocational school in California. It is important to keep in mind that before the appropriate licensure can be obtained to become this type of nurse, a state-approved nursing program will have to be completed. Throughout the course of completing an LVN nursing program, students will complete classes relating to patient care, physiology, pediatrics, nutrition, pharmacology, first aid, medical-surgical nursing, and much more. It is also likely that students will have to undergo some type of hands-on training which tends to take place in a hospital setting. After a student has satisfactorily completed his or her training, he or she can then work towards obtaining the necessary license.

In order for vocational nurses to obtain a license to carry out their duties, they will have to pass a test that is referred to as The National Council License Examination. It is important to note that this is not a paper and pencil test. Instead, it is a computerized test, so being comfortable using computers is necessary. After passing the exam, a person will then need to contact the State Nursing Board in which he or she will be carrying out his or her vocational nurse duties. Since each state has its own requirements to become a vocational nurse, it is wise to know what the exact criteria are before a person starts his or her educational training program to become this type of nurse.