Are you interested in a career in the healthcare industry?  Do you dream about becoming a nurse?  Do you enjoy helping others?  Know that you’ve got options!

If you are considering a career in the healthcare industry and not sure where to begin, start with a career in:

If your end goal is to become a nurse, the above programs will provide you with the hands-on training and the skills to get you a head start in your nursing career!

With any of the above options, the job outlook in the healthcare industry is excellent and is the top producing job engine for 2012 and many years to follow!  Pursuing a career in healthcare is bright!  It is a fact that the healthcare industry has flourished even more than before. Let’s take nursing for example.  The Bureau of Labor Statistics projects a 26% employment growth for nurses opening 711,900 nursing jobs within the year 2020!  The Bureau of Labor reports the following salary range for nurses in 2010:

75th Percentile Wage: $79,020

Median Wage: $64,690

25th Percentile Wage: $52,980

Additionally the highest paid nurses (personal care, pharmaceutical private sector or medical device manufacturers) can earn $95,130!  Obviously the healthcare industry is not impacted in this turbulent economy.

Although no prior healthcare experience is needed for pursuing a career in nursing, as mentioned above there are other healthcare programs that would enable you to get the hands-on-training in the healthcare industry. Starting your healthcare career in medical billing and coding, medical assistant, patient care technician, or phlebotomy offers a more economical route and great for individuals who are not able to commit to a full-time traditional college setting.

Most schools that train in medical billing and coding, medical assistant, or patient care technician offer flexible class hours that are designed for the adult student in mind. Additionally, you can get a feel for the nursing industry!  Then, if you decide to pursue a nursing career you’ve got hospital experience and a great network of colleagues to make your path to a nursing career easier!