Health care is one of the most popular fields today. This field is both challenging and rewarding. If you want to have a career in health care then you will be happy to know that you have a number of options available. Below are some of the entry level jobs available in the health care field:

Certified Nursing Assistant

Certified nursing assistants administer basic care to patients inside of nursing homes, hospitals and other health care facilities. They may also work in the homes of their patients. In order to become a certified nursing assistant, one must complete a brief, state-approved program. Students will learn basic health care duties during the program, such as taking vital signs. They will also learn how to bathe, dress and feed patients.

Full-time students can complete a program in a short amount of time. In fact, some programs can be completed in less than six weeks. After completing the necessary training, one must successfully pass the competency examination.

Dental Assistant

Dental assistants perform a variety of tasks inside of a dentist office. They can perform administrative duties, such as scheduling appointments and recordkeeping. They can also sterilize dental instruments, keep records of dental treatments, instruct patients on how to properly care for their teeth and hand dentists instruments during procedure.

Dental assistants are required to complete an accredited program and pass a state examination. Dental assisting programs can be found at community colleges and take about one year to complete. After students successfully complete the program, they will be awarded a diploma or certificate. Some students earn an associate’s degree in dental assisting, which can take two or three years.

Certified Medical Assistant

Medical assistants typically work in doctor’s offices or hospitals. Their job duties include things such as scheduling appointments, preparing patients for examinations, taking vital signs and obtaining samples for testing.

Medical assisting programs can be found at technical schools, vocational schools and community colleges. They typically take about one year to complete. A diploma or certificate is awarded after successful completion. Some students earn an associates degree.

Medical assistants are not required to receive certification. However, most employers prefer to hire medical assistants who are certified. In order to be certified, one must complete an accredited program and take an examination. The American Association Of Medical Assistants is one of the organizations that certified medical assistants.