Medical Billing And Coding – What You Need To Know

The ongoing reforms in the healthcare industry in the country have led to an unprecedented positive outlook for the industry which is experiencing record growth. Today, more people have access to quality healthcare. Health informatics is in focus right now as changes are being introduced to the medical digital records systems. There are sweeping changes […]

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Medical Biller and Coder Salaries in Carson, California

California is the largest employer of professional medical billers and coders in the country. Salary is affected by various factors. Location is one example. A Carson medical biller and coder benefits lucratively from its metropolitan area status affected by its proximity to Los Angeles, its socioeconomic state, and its population.


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What Kind of Training You Need to Become a Medical Biller and Coder

When a medical practice expands its initial capacity, providers often decide to outsource their insurance claims process to outside companies referred to as Medical Billing Services. Medical billing and coding training in Compton offers certification programs leading to employment within the field. The school provides theoretical background combined with practical knowledge. The students are encouraged to complete CMRS exam or RHIA exam to elevate their hiring potential. As the industry is rapidly growing, well-trained and certified medical billers and coders are highly sought-after.


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Medical Assistant Career Training

The medical assistant vocational training is considered one of the most demanding occupations within the healthcare field. Compassionate and caring individuals are highly sought-after as the job requires patience and superb knowledge of various medical conditions. The growing need for qualified medical assistants has created virtually endless opportunities leading to establishing educational programs funded by the government, grant packages and loan options. Most schools offer job assistance programs upon graduation.


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Training Needed to Become a Medical Assistant

Medical assistants typically provide administrative and clinical support to healthcare professionals. Some daily tasks may include taking vital signs, recording information, handling supplies and giving injections. Medical assistant training Compton provides preparation for a student who wishes to work in this field. While some employers do not have formal requirements for medical assistants, this does not mean that training and education are not important.


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What Does A Medical Assistant Do?

Medical Assistants are accountable for maintaining a business like, yet patient-friendly atmosphere in hospitals, clinics and other medical offices. Administrative duties in the medical field include greeting and signing in patients, answering phones, setting up appointments for patients, entering new patient information into the computer system, preparing insurance forms, filing medical records and other clerical obligations. Clinical duties include drawing blood, giving injections, flu shots and immunizations, recording vital signs and patient histories.


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What Does a Phlebotomist Do?

Phlebotomy is used for many reasons in the medical field. A physician may need to test the blood of a patient or a patient may be donating blood to help another person. The physician is not the one to take the blood from the patient. The phlebotomist does this as part of their job role. The phlebotomist takes blood by entering the veins, usually through the middle arm or wrist. These are the arteries easiest to access without causing pain to the patient. When drawing blood from an infant, the phlebotomist is more likely to use the baby’s heel for drawing the blood as it is the least painful for the baby.


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What Does a Medical Biller and Coder Do?

Medical Biller and Coders are employed by insurance companies and healthcare organizations. Every time a healthcare provider has contact with and treats a patient, a claim is filed to the patient’s insurance provider. Once these claims have been received by the insurance provider, the job of the Medical Biller and Coder is to assign each contact, or encounter, a corresponding code.


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What Does a Patient Care Technician Do?

A patient care technician is an important job in the medical profession. A technician will provide help to patients in hospitals, doctor’s offices and nursing homes. A nurse or doctor normally supervises the technician; however, the individual will spend the most time with patients.


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Patient Care Technician

The Patient Care Technician can be employed in Hospitals or Long Term Facilities, they will be responsible for providing nursing assistance and patient care for the comfort, safety and personal needs of patients while sharing various tasks with other licensed and non-licensed members.
Graduates must apply to the California Department of Public Health for the Nurse […]

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Vocational Nursing

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Computerized Medical Biller/Coder

This entry-level class introduces students to medical terminology, insurance billing, ICD-9 / CPT coding, and Medicare and Medicaid claims processing. Students are also introduced to computer software that allows them to perform a variety of billing operations. Typing and bookkeeping are also components of the course.

Teaching methods include lecture, practice, projects and real-world examples.

Upon completion […]

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Medical Assistant Administrative and Clinical

The Medical Assistant Administrative and Clinical program is designed to offer training in clinical skills such as taking patient histories, administering injections, drawing blood (phlebotomy), and taking vital signs. Administrative skills such as patient charting, electronic health records, typing, and appointment scheduling. Upon successful completion of classroom training, students apply their skills through an externship in an actual […]

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