5 Top Reasons Why You Should Become A Medical Assistant

If caring for others has always fascinated you, then you should pursue a career in healthcare. Becoming a medical assistant is a smart way to get started in the medical field. A medical assistant learns a broad range of duties and is a needed part of the medical team for any practice. Medical assisting is […]

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Medical Assistant – A Rewarding Career with Amazing Salaries

So you’re interested in making a bright career in the medical field, but don’t know where to start. Well, there is no denying that a medical industry is a bright field that is growing faster and provides some of the best-paying jobs in the nation. It is one single industry where the percentage of jobs […]

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Nursing – A Good Career Choice In Healthcare Industry

Have you always enjoyed taking care of needy people with acute and chronic medical conditions? If yes then “Nurse Practitioner” is the career. This is the most rewarding career in the healthcare sector that comes very next to the doctors and surgeons who diagnose patients and recommend effective treatment options.
Nursing is a profession that brings […]

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Infotech Career College – Preparing You for a Medical Career

Infotech Career College is one of the most reputed healthcare and nursing vocational colleges in Los Angeles. Infotech has a high licensure and employment rate across the board and produces graduates who are sought after by employers. Infotech is able to produce quality graduates by having a dedicated, knowledgeable faculty and experienced staff. Prospective students […]

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Infotech Graduation Ceremony and Reception to be held on Dec 18th

Infotech Career College is a successful vocational colleges in Los Angeles. Infotech Career College alumni find stable employment in medical professions and advance their careers. The College is organizing the student graduation ceremony on Friday, December 18th, 2015. The ceremony will start at 4:00 p.m. and will conclude at 8:00 p.m.

Infotech trains students in essential […]

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Infotech Career College Delivers Quality Healthcare Education

Infotech Career College has progressed steadily to become one of the leading vocational colleges in Los Angeles. It has made rapid strides and emerged as a training center of excellence in the area. The College is dedicated to provide access to the newest technology to its students and help them select from a wide range […]

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How To Become An Ultrasound Technician With No Medical Experience

The contentment of showing a newly pregnant mother the first picture of her yet to be born baby, and the reward from contributing in the diagnosis of a patient’s illness, can only be felt by an ultrasound technician. An Ultrasound Technician is a specialist who, with the help of an ultrasonography machine, can project the […]

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How To Be A Phlebotomy Technician With No Medical Experience

A phlebotomy technician’s job is to collect blood samples from patients and send them to laboratory for running tests. This task may sound easy and common, but doing a good job as a phlebotomy technician requires practice, knowledge, skill, and the ability to make people feel at ease. A phlebotomist who causes pain or […]

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How To Get Into Healthcare Management Without Any Medical Experience

In the medical world, doctors alone can’t handle the whole healthcare system. Here is where healthcare management in Los Angeles comes into play. Healthcare managers are vital to the administration of hospitals and hospital networks. They specialize in taking care of the financial budgets, planning and development, setting regulations in a workplace environment, human resources […]

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Infotech Career College – Pioneer in providing hands on education

Infotech health Career College is one of the finest vocational colleges in Los Angeles which offers its students a unique educational experience. The college is devoted to provide access to the latest technology to its students to help them choose from a variety of educational opportunities. This career college is also accredited through the Commission […]

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How To Be A Phlebotomy Technician

More often than not, people complain of inaccurately jabbed veins and pain after a venipuncture.  Had the task of drawing blood from veins been easy, phlebotomy technicians would be out of jobs in a jiffy. A phlebotomy technician’s job is to collect blood samples from patients and send them to a laboratory for running tests […]

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How to Choose Between Vocational Colleges and Other Education Options after High School

Now that you are done with high school, it’s time to dream big and pursue a career through community colleges, adult schools, or vocational colleges! And today’s world offers so many choices, in both career and education, that you could feel overwhelmed when it comes to choosing an option both in career and education.

The career […]

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Vocational Nurse vs. Registered Nurse

Many people are excited to embark upon their new career in the nursing field. One of the biggest decisions one must be prepared to make is whether or not to enter a vocational or registered nurse program. Congratulations on your decision to become a nurse. Now discover the differences between the two when preparing for […]

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Entry Level Jobs in Healthcare Field

Health care is one of the most popular fields today. This field is both challenging and rewarding. If you want to have a career in health care then you will be happy to know that you have a number of options available. Below are some of the entry level jobs available in the health care […]

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Health Care Jobs That Don’t Require Certification

Many health care jobs don’t require certification or a degree. With no prior experience, you can hit the ground running and get trained on the job. Here are some fields in which you can get started in after a some educational training.

Medical Assistant
Medical assistants take care of office duties such as greeting patients, scheduling appointments, […]

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