The contentment of showing a newly pregnant mother the first picture of her yet to be born baby, and the reward from contributing in the diagnosis of a patient’s illness, can only be felt by an ultrasound technician. An Ultrasound Technician is a specialist who, with the help of an ultrasonography machine, can project the images of a person’s inner organs on a screen. Ultrasonography uses sound waves that have frequencies above the audible limit of humans. It is a safe, effective, and expanding method of diagnosis.

Although it is an interesting field to get into, stepping into this field with no medical background whatsoever can be tricky. Ultrasound Technicians must learn physics, mathematics, and the accurate operation of the machine. Additionally, they must learn anatomy and pathology of body organs in depth. It is an advanced and lengthy training. Graduates of Ultrasound Technician programs are competing for jobs with foreign doctors and those with a minimum of Bachelor’s degrees. Additionally, while a medical center may have hundreds of openings for allied health and nursing personnel, they may have only one position for an Ultrasound Technician. Although Ultrasound Technician is a rewarding and high-paying field, employment opportunities are extremely limited for those with no medical education or experience. In addition, you may not be able to get fully licensed through the Association of Registered Medical Sonographers (ARDMS) unless you have a degree.

Therefore, those with no medical experience could start out first as a medical assistant. As the name suggests, a medical assistant aids in the work of physicians, obstetricians, gynecologists, and all the medical specialties. If you are interested in working with pregnant mothers, you can fulfill your interest by working for an obstetrician. If you are interested in working with cancer patients, you can assist an oncologist. Once you work for an obstetrician and have a secure job, you could then pursue further education in Ultrasound Technician. That way, you could make yourself more valuable to the employer and able to perform more duties around the medical office.

There are other options to start out in the medical field beside Medical Assistant. It all depends on your interest. For example, if you are interested in medical administration, you could pursue a course as a Medical Biller and Coder in Los Angeles, and work for an Ultrasound Imaging Center doing billing, appointment setting, and administration. You could also first get your nursing diploma, and then go into Ultrasound Technician. Choosing a more fundamental course before studying Ultrasound Technician will enable those who are starting out with just a high school diploma to get employed in the medical field. Once you are employed, you can work your way into the environment that you like, or go for further education part-time.