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Call us at 562-804-1239 today to speak to an Admissions Advisor.


The Admissions Process at Infotech is simple. Once you contact us, our friendly and experienced admissions representative will walk you through the process and answer any questions you may have. We will then invite you for a campus tour. This is your chance to meet our staff, talk with our instructors, and see how our students learn. We will also do a career assessment to determine what’s right for you.

Financial Aid is also available for those who qualify. You can meet with our Financial Aid representative to determine how we are able to help you.

Classes start year round.


Student Testimonials

The admissions process for me was very informative. I got very motivated and reassured of what I’m capable of. It’s nice to see that a medical career college actually cares about the students and will go the extra mile to get us where we want to be. They answered all my questions and concerns and gave me the courage to continue with my education.

– Corina Castro-VN program


My admissions process was very pleasant. Cassandra made me feel very welcome. She helped me make my decision to attend school here, by answering all my questions and by being very friendly and warm.

– Dinorah Dominguez-MA student


Call us at (562) 804-1239 today.