Infotech Graduate Jamie DeleonMy name is Jamie Deleon and my success story did not come easily. A 6 month process ended up being a 1 year long journey with lots of personal challenges. Without the excellent teaching from my instructor Mr. Garcia and the help from the Infotech staff as well as my classmates, I would not have made it. I had the amazing opportunity to be part of the Care Now LA event Oct. 2011 inwhich I put my skills to the test and volunteered by assisting in Dermatology and met an amazing physician named Amy Gouley. I am happy and truly blessed for Infotech placing me in a sub specialty dept. at the Care Now LA event because I served my extern with Dr. Gouley from the event and am now a fulltime employee of Dr. Amy Gouley!!! Thank you Mr. Garcia Jennifer Ochoa, Ajay & Amita Garg!!!! Thank you all!!!!!!