Check out some success stories and testimonials from Infotech graduates, and see why Infotech Career College is a great place to train for a rewarding future.

Hello, I’m Reyna Lopez. I am proud to say that I completed my Medical Assistant course at Infotech Career College. I will like to thank my instructor Mr. Gutierrez and everybody else that supported me in this journey. I am honored to say that all of my hard work paid off. I was hired at St. John’s Well Child & Family Center where I completed my externship. No matter how hard things get there is always a light at the end of the tunnel, you just got to think positive and be responsible.

– Reyna Lopez, Medical Assistant at St John’s Well Child & Family Center

Hi Ana! I am happy to say that I hit my 90 day probation period on Nov 20th, 2013. It was hard at first but it has gotten much better. I learned to keep out of the negative comments and things that go on around here and stay focused on learning something each day. I also have a good boss! Thanks again Ana for all of your help and support!

– Christie Martinez, Medical Assistant at St John’s Well Child & Family Center

Coming into Medical Billing I didn’t have a clue how life was going to be for me after completing the program, or even if I was going to become so interested, so I did my best to perfect myself. I was so grateful coming into the program and finding out I had an instructor who I can communicate and really interact with. I thank Mrs. Booker so much because she helped to push me forward since day one. Even when I started my externship I would find myself thinking, “What would Mrs. B do?” I am grateful to her and Infotech Career College for making my life so much better and being able to enjoy it in the same token. Thanks for everything!

– Donyae Smith, Medical Billing at Compucare Systems

My name is Araceli Morales. Being a single mom, I knew I had to do something to better my future and to provide the best for my daughter. So, I came to InfoTech Career College researching information on the different programs they offer. Cassandra was the first person I met and she was really helpful with the entire process. I chose to enroll in the Medical Assistant program. I was lucky to have a small class, and students were able to spend one on one time with the instructors whenever they had any questions. I loved the program and it was a great experience. I would like to thank the staff at InfoTech Career College for walking me through the whole program. I would like to thank Ana for helping me with the externship site where I was hired, Mr. Garcia for giving great advice, and especially Mr. Perez, my favorite instructor, for always helping me when I didn’t understand the assignment. They both gave me the knowledge I needed to succeed in my Medical Assistant/Phlebotomy Technician career. Thanks to the tools they provided me, I was hired during my externship at Dusk to Dawn Urgent Care. Big thanks to all of InfoTech personnel. Oh, almost forgot to thank Kim my office manager for training me and providing me her valuable attention. Thanks everyone for the help and for providing me my future.

– Araceli Morales, Medical Assistant/Phlebotomy Technician at Dusk to Dawn Urgent Care.

My name is Griscelda Pulido and experience with Infotech Career College was great. I had two of the best, most helpful instructors. Thanks to what they taught me, I’ve been able to further my experience both as a Certified Nurse Assistant and Medical Assistant. They made me feel very much at ease and taught me valuable skills to help others that seek medical attention. I greatly appreciate the rewarding career Infotech has provided me and the tools to work in the medical field.

– Griscelda Pulido, Certified Nursing Assistant and Medical Assistant, working at New Wave Healthcare Center and Royal Oaks Care Center


My name is Zuleima Sol. I completed the Patient Care Technician program. I am very happy to have decided to take this program, this was the best decision I made in a while. I now feel confident and have knowledge of a career. I love my job and I’m also striving to go higher in the medical field. Thanks to everyone at Infotech Career College for all the help and support.

– Zuleima Sol, the Patient Care Technician, working at Cambrian Homecare


Hi, my name is Vincent Porter and I was in the Patient Care Technician Program. This program has changed my life and Infotech helped me find a job in less than a month. I’m happy to fulfill my career in less than 1 year and every step I took was successful for me. I learned so much and I am happy to say that I progressed very quickly once I started working. Thanks to Infotech Career College for giving me the training and the tools I needed. Thank you……….

– Vincent Porter, Patient Care Technician, working at Del Rio Convalescent Center


My name is Lisbeth Munoz and recently graduated as a Medical Biller at Infotech Career College. My experience at Infotech was great. I got to meet new people as my classmates who eventually became friends. I experienced new things such as a volunteer at the Care Now LA event in Los Angeles October 2011. We enjoyed this event because Dr. Oz, the Dr’s Show and Dr. Phil attended and not to mention we had few exciting experiences.

I’m very grateful with my great instructor Mrs. Booker and would like to thank her. If it wasn’t for her inspiring teaching I wouldn’t have made it as far as I did. I would like to thank all of Infotech staff, including Jennifer Ochoa and Ana Ferreira for finding such a great site whom I’m currently employed by.

– Lisbeth Munoz, Medical Biller/Coder, Collective Resources Inc.


My name is Lindsey Huerta and I came to Infotech to become a Phlebotomist. It was hard but Mr. Garcia was a great teacher and helped me the whole way. Now with the help of all the staff at Infotech I was hired at Bayview Research Center as an extern. I will be coming back to Infotech to continue my education for LVN program.

– Lindsey Huerta, Phlebotomy Technician, Bayview Research Group LLC


My name is Ashley Harris and I am a Medical Assistant at Infotech Career College. I would like to thank my teacher Mr. Garcia for preparing me for this long journey. I’m so thankful that I had the most helpful teachers that helped me get to where I am today. Morningside Primary Care taught me new things and I taught them new things as well. Overall, I love it!!! Thanks Infotech Career College!!!

– Ashley Harris, Medical Assistant, Morningside Primary Care


The admissions process for me was very informative. I got very motivated and reassured of what I’m capable of. It’s nice to see that a school actually cares about the students and will go the extra mile to get us where we want to be. They answered all my questions and concerns and gave me the courage to continue with my education.

– Corina Castro-VN program


The admissions process for me was very informative. It made me very motivated to keep coming and pursuing my career goals. All of my questions and concerns were answered.

– Khadijah Spurling-MB program