If caring for others has always fascinated you, then you should pursue a career in healthcare. Becoming a medical assistant is a smart way to get started in the medical field. A medical assistant learns a broad range of duties and is a needed part of the medical team for any practice. Medical assisting is growing and in demand. The United States requires more than five and a half million additional workers in the healthcare industry by 2020. By training to become a medical assistant, you will have a defined and secure career path ahead of you.

Here are the five top reasons why you should become a medical assistant.

Career Stability

With the economy performing worse than a yo-yo in the hands of a mischievous kid, it is important to choose a solid career that will last now and for many years into the future. Healthcare providers require certified and committed medical assistants to manage their clinics smoothly. As a medical assistant, you are the doctor’s right hand and they cannot perform their duties without you. This is true for both small and large practices. This means that there will be a constant demand for your skills.

Quick Path to a Career

Most career changers need to go to school for years to change their paths. However, as a medical assistant, in just under one year, you can start a new healthcare career. Also, students can find courses that offer flexible schedules so that they can find time for family and work duties while preparing to become a medical assistant.

Job Satisfaction

Most medical assistants will say they have a high degree of job satisfaction. They treasure this one factor more than anything else. As a medical assistance, you will feel the prestige and satisfaction that comes from helping the needy when they need your assistance the most. In this career, you can build valuable relationships and meet new people almost every single day.

Respect by Others

The medical field is a respectable and well-regarded industry. As a healthcare worker, people recognize that you are doing important work that directly contributes to the well-being of others. Family, friends and people you meet will be impressed that you are in a stable, upwardly mobile and popular field.

Upward Career Mobility

In less than a year of training, you can become eligible for a secure and well-paid career. Many medical assistants become office managers of one or multiple clinic locations after just 2-3 years on the job. Additionally, with medical assistant as your foundation, your opportunities are limitless. You can specialize as a Phlebotomy Technician, EKG Technician, Medical Lab Technician, Medical Office Administrator, and much more. The more certifications you get, the more you can earn!

Which School is Right for Me?

The best way to find out if a school is right for you is to call and schedule a campus tour. Don’t wait! Start on a new, exciting career today!