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Infotech Career College is a leading Los Angeles vocational healthcare school. Our mission is to deliver unsurpassed education in healthcare with hands-on training and small-size classes.

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Using the latest information technology, we are able to provide our students with a professional environment, helping them be well-prepared for a career in their desired healthcare field. Infotech Career College is accredited by the Council on Occupational Education (COE). Please read our website to learn about our training programs and how to register.

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Medical Programs

Medical Assistant

Our medical assistant program offers comprehensive training in both medical duties as a medical assistant as well as administrative office tasks. In 43 weeks at Infotech Career College, you will learn how to care for the well-being of others while simultaneously helping healthcare professionals manage their patients, office staff and perform other administrative duties. Please click here to learn more about our medical assistant program.

Start Dates: October 16th, November 7th, November 14th, December 4th, December 10th

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Nursing Assistant

Nursing assistants work in a range of healthcare institutions, including nursing homes, mental hospitals, assisted living facilities and private homes. In order to become a certified nursing assistant, you will need to take a state certification exam. Our comprehensive nursing assistant training program allows you to prepare for the test and gain valuable experience in the field. Please click here to learn more about our nursing assistant program.

2013 Start Date: December 9th

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Vocational Nursing

Vocational nurses, also called practical nurses, work hand-in-hand with registered nurses and doctors to care for patients and provide them with essential needs. Practical nurses work in fast-paced, highly challenging, yet rewarding environments. Infotech Career College offers a 60-week vocational nursing program for students interested in this field. Please click here to read more about Infotech’s vocational nursing training.

Start Date: February 2014

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Associate Degree in Healthcare Management (Distance Learning)

The primary objective of the Associate of Science in Healthcare Management program is to provide students with the basic knowledge and skills needed to work successfully in a healthcare management position. Graduates of the program find positions in entry-level office management, work in health care facilities, hospitals, clinics, physicians offices, insurance companies and long-term are facilities. This is a distance learning program. Half of the instruction is on-campus and half is online.

2013 Start Date: November 13, December 13, January 23, February 20

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Medical Billing and Coding

Medical billers and coders are essential in the healthcare industry. Students interested in this career path, will learn all about computerized medical billing, as well as essential codes used by hospitals, healthcare centers and doctors nationwide. Our advanced medical billing and coding program will prepare you for this rewarding career within 41 weeks. Please click here to learn more about our medical billing and coding program.

Start Dates: October 9th, November 8th, December 13th

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Patient Care Technician

Patient care technicians spend most of their time with patients. Desire to take care of others and people skills are essential for this career. Infotech Career College has designed a comprehensive hands-on training program for students interested in this field. The training is completed within 41 weeks. Please click here to learn more about this program.

Start Dates: September 26th, October 21st, November 13th

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Phlebotomy Technician

The phlebotomy technician training program is highly recommended for professionals who are already in the healthcare field, and are looking to expand their skills. Phlebotomy technicians are in charge of drawing patients’ blood for testing. In order to become a certified phlebotomy technician students must take a state certification exam. We offer a total of six classes that will prepare you for this test. Please click here to learn more about becoming a phlebotomy technician.

Start Dates: October 19th, November 2nd, December 7th

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Ultrasound Technician

As an ultrasound technician our students get to have a rewarding career recording medical images for diagnostics. The ultrasound training program gives you on-hands experience as well as the technical knowledge you need to have in order to pursue this career. Please click here to learn more about becoming an ultrasound technician.

Start Date: October 9th, November 4th

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